Pinemeadow Golf PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set

Pinemeadow Golf PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set

The new PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set is Pinemeadow Golf’s first foray into the ultra-forgiving hybrid iron set as compared to the traditionally shaped (cavity) irons. This eight piece set comprises of four (#3, #4, #5, #6) hybrid irons, three (#7, #8, #9) mid-hybrid irons, and a versatile scoring club (PW), and this set is similar to the Adams® Idea a7 OS Hybrid Iron Progressive Set that was launched in 2009 and received a five star rating from Golf Digest.

The Pinemeadow Golf PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set is aimed at recreational golfers, especially those of mid to high handicap of 14 and over. Several design features make these clubs particularly suited for this group of golfers:

The club face is larger (my guess is by about 10%) than a normal iron club face, which obviously increases the hitting area. This, together with the larger body and hollow construction, enlarges the sweet spot and makes the club more stable on miss hits. The result are straighter shots down the fairway even if you don’t hit the ball with the center of the club face. There is also a small offset especially in the longer irons (5.5 mm to be exact) which helps to speed up the closing of the clubface. This is most helpful if you tend to slice the ball.

In the picture above you can easily notice the progressive wide sole, especially in the longer irons. This is very helpful if you tend to sometimes hit the ground first before hitting the ball, which usually results in a duffed shot (the divot goes almost as far as the ball…). The wide sole glides over the ground rather than digging in, so even if you hit the ground first you can still get some decent distance with the ball.

What you cannot see in the pictures is that there is some extra weight on the lower heel and toe of the club head. This substantially lowers the overall center of gravity (CG) to six times deeper compared to normal irons (according to Pinemeadow Golf). This is great for people who have trouble with hitting down on the ball and can’t get the ball properly up in the air. The lower CG helps you to launch you ball higher, thereby giving you substantially more distance than traditional irons. The extra weight in the heel also helps to hit the ball more squarely and is designed to work together with the offset mentioned above.

The Pinemeadow Golf PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set comes with Pinemeadow Hybrid graphite shafts (made by Grafaloy) as standard configuration. While upgrades are available these standard shafts are well suited for most golfers, especially those with slower swing speeds.

The PRE Progressive Hybrid Iron Set is easily the most forgiving and easiest-to-hit in the Pinemeadow range of irons and well recommended to recreational/weekend golfers with a handicap of 14 and above. They will give you an extra 10-15 yards as compared to traditional irons, more so if you have a slower swing speed. As of this writing they retail for $249.95 (please check the Pinemeadow website for current prices), including graphite shafts, head covers for all clubs and custom fitting. We believe this is a great bargain, particularly when compared to the Adams® Idea a7 OS Hybrid Iron Set at $750 (with head covers and custom fitting).