Pinemeadow Golf Command Q Titanium Irons

Pinemeadow Golf Command Q Titanium Irons

The Pinemeadow Golf Command Q Titanium Irons are the first irons with a titanium club face that Pinemeadow Golf has launched in several years. Their previous Ti irons, the Acer XDS Tungsten Titanium Irons (no longer available) were best sellers, so it is timely to launch this new series. Pinemeadow Golf has kindly sent us a complete set (5-PW, AW and SW) to try out, so here is what we think:

Titanium is a lot harder than steel, that’s why it can be used to build today’s oversized drivers. 460cc drivers built from steel would either be very heavy or collapse upon impact with the ball. For irons it means that the club face can be built very thinly (see insert below, courtesy of Pinemeadow Golf), resulting in a better ‘spring like’ effect. It also allows the club designer to move more of the weight to the perimeter of the club head, especially to the sole, which makes the club a lot more forgiving.

The forgiveness comes from a vastly increased sweet spot due to the harder titanium, with the result being that off-center hits are still going down the fairway reasonably straight rather than going into the woods or the lake. This is a well sought after feature for us mid to high handicappers, while low handicappers will find it more difficult to shape shots, i.e. inducing a fade on demand. Another feature of the hard titanium is that there is less feel to the hit, but that is offset by an increase in consistency and distance. I, like many of my playing partners, happily trade in some feel for greater distance and accuracy. Having said this, the corresponding wedges in this set do not have the titanium face but the usual steel face for exactly the feel reason. In your short game you don’t need the distance, but you need better feel, hence Pinemeadow Golf was smart enough to provide this for the PW, AW and SW.

As stated earlier, more weight has been shifted to the sole of the club head. This increased weight results in a lower center of gravity and allows for a cleaner hit in all kinds of ground conditions. The wider sole makes it easy to get under the ball without digging massive divots.

The look of a golf club is almost as important as its playability, and the Pinemeadow Golf Command Q Titanium Irons score top marks here as well. They have great similarity to the popular Taylor Made® Burner Irons and are, like all Pinmeadow clubs, very well put together. I always wonder how they can produce that kind of quality at this low price and still make enough money to stay in business. They obviously have it all figured out and have been around long enough to celebrate their 25th business anniversary this year.

It is noteworthy that the complete set starts with the 5-iron, not the usual 3-iron. The reason is that many of today’s mid to high handicappers have trouble hitting these long irons and are encouraged to replace them with their corresponding hybrids. The Command Q Ti Hybrids are sold separately in case you want to order individual clubs, or as a complete set together with the irons as Command Q Ti Hybrid Set.

To wrap it up, we think the Pinemeadow Golf Command Q Titanium Irons are another great product from Pinemeadow Golf that combine innovative technology and great design into a a set of irons that will be perfect for mid to high handicappers. You should supplement this set with the #3 and #4 hybrids as pointed out above and make use of the free online custom fitting tool for a perfect fit to your game.