Pinemeadow Golf Command BK Irons

Pinemeadow Golf has recently released a new line of clubs named the ‘Command BK’ line. The most obvious feature of the ‘BK’ clubs is that they all sport black club heads, quite a contrast to the usual shiny or matte metal looks one is used to. The Command BK Irons are built after the very popular TaylorMade R7 Irons and are designed to provide excellent forgiveness and playability for players of all abilities. The design includes a rather large club head – providing for a bigger sweet spot – and a moderate offset to promote a square clubface at impact.

Pinemeadow Golf Command BK Irons

What we think

The Pinemeadow Golf Command BK Irons are clearly designed with maximum forgiveness in mind. The combination of larger club head and thin club face enlarge the sweet spot to a more oval rather than the usual round shape. The benefit of this is an increased ‘trampoline effect’ (‘COR’) resulting in longer ball flights even on off-center hits. The weight that was saved when making the face so thin has been shifted to the sole of the club, which shifts the center of gravity low and back in the club head. The advantage of this is that the irons make it very easy to launch the ball high and long. A moderate offset of between 4 to 6 millimeters assists the player in squaring the club face upon impact, a feature particularly useful if you tend to fade your (long) irons.

In the looks department the irons are a clear winner. In contrast to the Taylor Made R7 irons which have a rather large and clunky top line the Pinemeadow Golf Command BK Irons have a very fine top line. This emphasizes the elegant and sophisticated appearance that the black finish provides. One disadvantage of the black color was that the number on the iron was difficult to see on our test irons, but a Pinemeadow spokesperson assured us that current models are shipped with the number filled-in white, making this a non-issue. The black paint itself does not chip or crack, but it slowly shows some wear especially in the center and the bottom of the club. We haven’t seen much wear yet as our clubs are too new, but on the Pinemeadow website they state that “over time the finish on the bottom of the club will wear into a retro grey oil can look”.

The irons come with a premium Apollo steel shaft which is a good choice for average and better players. Beginners and players with slower swing speeds should consider upgrading the shaft to the standard low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite. I personally like the Lamkin Permawrap grip, but the standard grip that our test models had was fine, too.


The Pinemeadow Golf Command BK Irons cost only $179 for the set of 3-PW, inclusive of custom fitting. If you prefer to replace the long irons with their corresponding hybrids you can do so here: Command BK Hybrid Set or even mix and match individual components. Overall the BK Irons are great irons for players of all abilities. If you get them as a beginner you will have irons that stay useful as your game improves over the years to come.