Golf Fitness – Workouts, Stretches, and Exercises

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Our Golf Fitness Secrets for a stronger Golf Game

Golf Fitness - Workouts, Stretches, and ExercisesMost golfers will do absolutely anything to improve their golf game, and this is the reason why most are constantly in search of some ‘golf secrets’ to improve their game.

However, this search, more often than not, ends up in total failure. It all usually starts with lots of excitement when they discover some new aspect or tip they did not know before, and they quickly practice and implement it into their game. Sadly, it usually does not result in the desired effect and their game hardly improves. Still they continue with their desperate search of more golf secrets…

The reason why they fail is simply the fact that they fail to appreciate the real secret of golf – the secret which is guaranteed to revolutionize any golfer’s game, virtually overnight.

The real secret of golf, like most secrets of success, is so simple that it is easy to miss or even discard when you hear about it or read about it.

Here it is.

The real secret of having a dramatic effect on any game is preparing and conditioning your body and muscles to take the punishment and strain that golf inflicts on it. That’s it.

Playing golf is not like walking, it does not come naturally. Even kicking a soccer ball comes much more naturally than a golf swing. The result is that the body resists the correct movements required to execute a perfect golf swing.

The most effective way of dealing with this resistance in the body is for you to condition and strengthen the muscles that are stretched and put under strain by the act of the golf swing. This section of our website will help you achieve exactly this.


Use these exercises we recommend at at your own risk. It is recommended that, before beginning any exercise program, individuals seek advice from their physician or a certified exercise professional. The exercises and stretches listed on this web site should be done slowly and carefully. If you feel pain or discomfort STOP IMMEDIATELY!