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Golf in Las Vegas – Relax and Play Golf!

by Evan Roufeh

Las Vegas is usually well known for its many casinos. However, in recent years, it is becoming more famous for its Las Vegas golf courses. Las Vegas golf has become popular among people who want to play golf year round, those who want to be able to take nice vacations with friends and family and spend their days in the warm sun playing a sport they enjoy.

With Las Vegas golf courses like the Legacy, the Badlands, and the Bali Hai, it is pretty hard to find a better spot to enjoy a relaxing sport. Golf, in itself, is a sport that people use to relax and tone hard to reach muscles in their backs and arms.
In the winter, your muscles take a long reprieve and by spring, you’re pretty sore after every round you play. If you go to Las Vegas during the winter, you won’t be feeling the side effects of a long reprieve nearly as much as you normally would.
The most popular Las Vegas golf courses are the Legacy and the Bali Hai. The Bali Hai is owned and operated by the Walters Golf groups. Both the Legacy and the Bali Hai, while being owned by separate companies, are five star golf courses, for their difficulty and design as well as their prices per person.
The Legacy’s prices depend on the time of day and the season, as do the Bali Hai’s prices. However, the Bali Hai’s pricing legend shows that it can cost almost three hundred dollars per person for a single round of golf. The Legacy, as amazing as it is, tends to be a bit easier on the pocket book and you can save an enormous amount of money by booking your tee time online.
Walters Golf owns three other courses including The Royal Links, the Desert Pines, and the Stallion Mountain Country Club. They all have four to five star ratings and are difficult but provide a nice learning area for beginners.

There are the Angel Park Palm and Mountain courses, as well as several Paiute Golf Resort courses in Las Vegas. Most of these golf courses are laid with Bermuda grass and are superb to teach people of all ages on.
Costs depend on the time of day, the time of year, and whether or not you have a membership card to many of these clubs and resorts. With all of these Las Vegas golf courses and resorts, you can book your tee times and reservations online. When you book online, you can save at least five dollars a person. This may not seem like much, but as they say, “Every little bit helps.”
The best way to experience Las Vegas golf is to purchase a package from your travel agent or from one of the many online internet sites that offer them. Las Vegas golf is better enjoyed with.
However, should you need a relaxing week away from people who you know; Las Vegas golf will offer you that safe haven. Whether you want to take lessons to improve your game, or you simply want to relax, you can find what you are looking for through a Las Vegas golf vacation.


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