Tips for Playing in Rain and Cold

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A strong mental attitude is critical when nature’s forces are trying to knock you off your game. Try putting these countermeasures in place and you may just learn to love winter!


Keeping clubs and grips dry is critical when it starts to come down. Once grips get wet, your performance (and desire) will decrease dramatically. Professionals have caddies to take care of this. The rest of us need to take the time to place a cover or towel over the opening of the bag. If you have an umbrella, hang a couple of dry towels on the spokes. This way you’ll always be able to dry off the grips and your hands, no matter how wet every thing else gets. If you wear a glove, remove it after each shot and keep it in a dry place – under the umbrella is a good spot. Invest in some high-quality rain gear. There are many new, high-tech fabrics that really work, keeping you dry without causing you to sweat or get soaked from the inside out.

Also, remember that the ball won’t travel as far in the rain and the ground will be wet, decreasing roll. This seems obvious, but I’m amazed to see how many players fail to use enough club in wet conditions.

Tips for Playing in Rain and Cold


When the air is cold, the ball won’t travel as far, so you should choose more club here as well. Good chipping and putting can make up for other mistakes in cold conditions, but you must have good feel, and this means keeping your hands warm. When U.S. pros play in icy weather at the Dunhill cup in Scotland, they’re prepared with warm gloves to put on between shots and hand warmers in their pockets. Make sure you have a way to keep your hands warm before you tee off!

Also, choose a softer compression golf ball. This will help you keep a sense of feel around the greens and elsewhere.

Wind is also a major factor in winter. For tips on how to hit when it starts to blow, see our previous lesson on the topic. And have fun out there!