Starting Golf on a Budget – Boxed Golf Sets

If you think playing Golf is too expensive – let us prove you wrong!

During my professional career I have come across numerous people who told me that they would like to play golf, but they didn’t get into it because golf equipment is “just too expensive” for them. I then just ask them how they can possibly afford to drive a car, after all a Ferrari costs a ton of money. I normally get a blank stare, and then they tell me that they don’t drive a Ferrari, they drive a cheaper car. Golf is the same, you don’t need to play with ‘Ferrari’ clubs costing a fortune, you can play with good quality clubs that are much more affordable.

We have another article on this website on How much Golf Equipment really costs that you can read, but in a nutshell you are paying an exorbitant amount if you think that you have to play with a famous brand name golf set. Think about flashy cars: if you must show off then go ahead and buy yourself a Ferrari. Same for golf, if you must show off then go buy yourself the same set that your favorite player on TV plays. It will set you back a lot of money, and you will most certainly not play as good with it as the pro on TV. If this is you then yes, golf is expensive.

My thoughts are different. The ball doesn’t know what hit it, and I don’t care what anybody thinks if I don’t play with clubs from a brand that tour players use on TV. I’m a lot more pragmatic, I rather buy a good quality set from a brand that costs me less money, and use the money I saved to play more golf.

This is particularly true if you just start out in golf. Why on earth would you want to spend thousands if you can get a good complete set for some $250 or less? Playing some decent golf is not dependent on brand name equipment but on your skills as new golfer. Use the money you saved by not buying the expensive clubs and get lessons from a good teaching pro in your area – this will make you a better player, not the logo on your clubs.

Elsewhere on this website we have an article on Recommended Golf Clubs for Beginner Golfers, take a look at that. Another alternative are so-called ‘Boxed Golf Sets’, complete golf sets for beginners and intermediate golfers that contain everything you need, including putter and bag. Just add balls and you’re ready to go.

Boxed Golf Sets for Beginner Golfers

As mentioned, boxed golf sets contain all the clubs you need to get started at a price of less than about $250. The other good thing is that all the clubs in such a set are matched to one another in terms of playability and design. This a much better option compared to assembling a set from leftover clubs you may get from friends and family.

Having said that, even if you’re on a budget make sure that you get good quality clubs. There is really no point going for the cheapest stuff you may find at Walmart, and then get frustrated because the quality is just too lousy. $250 for a set, while not expensive, is still money. You want to make sure that the clubs last you for at least a few years and not brake after a few hits like those cheap China sets you can get on eBay. Be thrift, but use common sense.

Below are a couple of boxed golf sets that we think are of good quality at a great price. They will suit you well if you are a beginner on a budget, and save you enough money so you can get more golf lessons.

After reading all this, if you still have money to give away: can I be your friend?

Starting Golf on a Budget - Boxed Golf Sets

Nitrix Pro Men’s Complete Set

Available for both right-hand (RH) and left-hand (LH) golfers. Click this link for details

Starting Golf on a Budget - Boxed Golf Sets

Nitrix Pro Ladies Complete Set

Not a man’s knock-off but specially made for Lady Golfers. Click this link for details

Starting Golf on a Budget - Boxed Golf Sets

Pre 16 Piece Set

More clubs than the above boxed sets but only available in Men’s RH. Click this link for details