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Golf Tips for Senior GolfersJust recently the National Golf Foundation reported that there are about 24 million golfers in the US, 6.3 million of which are golfers over the age of 50. Half of these senior golfers (about 3 million) consider themselves avid players – that’s quite a lot.

Golf courses are becoming more and more “senior friendly” to compete for the senior golfer’s business. Many of these seniors, along with their spouse or significant other, play mainly for social reasons. They love the game and they love playing the game with friends. Senior golfers in a group have more fun and play more rounds of golf than the average golfer. In fact, the ‘average’ golfers plays about 20 rounds a year, while the senior golfers plays twice that much. Having raised their families and retired from their professions, senior golfers have more time than their younger counterparts. For that reason senior golfers are considered to be the “bread-and-butter” of the local golf courses around the country. This development is forcing the golf industry to cater to them for their business, but the results are still highly unsatisfactory.

While seniors might not have the ability to hit the ball as far as a younger golfer, they know their limitations and will play a more intelligent game. They will use their knowledge of the course and their experience to score points rather than just relying on raw distance. With ‘smart play’ you as a senior golfer can more than make up for the loss of yards from the tee.

Over the next few pages we will look into some of the aspects that are of concern to senior golfers:

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