Golf Lessons

Free Golf Lessons for Beginners

Free Golf Lessons for Beginners
Every Golfer, from Beginner Golfer to Advanced Player, benefits from a useful Golf Lesson. The best way is to look for a good Teaching Pro to get Instructions, and in addition you can check out the Golf Drills below to help improve your Game.

These lessons cover a wide variety of common problems and are a bit more in-depth than our Free Golf Tips.

Once you’re done here take a look at our Video Golf Lessons.

Golf Swing Lessons:

Improve your Driving and Distance

Iron Play Lessons:

Hit your Irons with Confidence

Bunker Lessons:

How to get out of the Sand with ease

Putting Lessons:

Eliminate those nasty 3-Putts

Trouble Shot Golf Lessons:

How to tackle difficult Lies and the Elements

Proper Set-Up Golf Lessons:

Golf Game Management Lessons: