Golf Fitness – Golf Nutrition Tips

Golf Fitness - Golf NutritionDo you want to avoid those blow up holes late in your golf round? Learn these golf nutrition tips for golfers.

Do you ever wonder why you lose concentration and energy the last few holes? Do you think you need to just go hit more balls? How about some new clubs? Well, save your money and read on…

Whenever I go out and play I am amazed at the lack of food or “fuel” golfers utilize during the round. If you don’t replenish your energy stores you are destined for a loss of energy and strokes.

Here’s how you avoid this?

Dealing with proper golf nutrition is easy. Bring a couple of snacks and drink lots of water. I know you’re thinking there’s more to it but there really isn’t. Your body needs readily available energy every 2-3 hours.

So it’s very simple. Bring 2 pieces of fruit, a nutrition bar and a bottle of water to the course every time you play.

Make proper golf nutrition a habit!

Your water consumption should be very consistent throughout the round. If it’s a 20 oz. Bottle of water you should be filling it up every 4-5 holes at a minimum.

The first few times you do this you may need to visit the course restroom a few times but stick with it. Your body will adjust and the restroom visits will be less frequent. Dehydration occurs much sooner than you think.

Here’s a very simple rule of thumb. Make a mental note of what time you ate your last meal before you got to the course. If you’re like most people I’ll bet 3-4 hours have already gone by at hole number 2.

What does that mean?

Time for a snack. What if you’re not hungry? Eat it anyway! A piece of fruit is ONLY 80-100 calories – so even if you’re not hungry it won’t seem like much.

Then what? Check your watch and after 2 more hours have gone by eat that nutrition bar. This will be at hole 11 or 12.

Watch out because you might hit that next drive 300 yards with all that energy that you’re not used to having.

That might do you but if you get the hunger pangs eat that last piece of fruit at the 16th hole. This will keep your blood sugar levels constant and enable you to stay focused those last couple of holes.

Follow my recommendations and watch what happens. You’ll have much MORE energy throughout the “whole” round and not waste any shots that will balloon your score.

You’ll soon be a believer in fuelling your body for performance. The next time you go out be careful; you might just shoot your “all-time” best score.

If you (or your ‘other half’) need some inspiration, take a look at this Golfer’s Cook Book, a selection of over 100 recipes especially for hungry golfers.