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Take a look into the bag of any golfer. Chances are you’ll see something in there with the word titanium on it. In recent years, the Periodic Table of Elements’ 22nd element, Ti, has catapulted into the forefront as golf’s most precious metal. It’s used in the manufacturing of golf drivers, putters, irons, and shafts – even balls! However, nowhere is it more prevalent than in an over-sized driver. Reason: it’s very strong and very light. As a result, manufacturers are able to make oversize clubheads out of titanium and still maintain the same weight as a traditional size clubhead. More below…

Golf Clubs: Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Driver

Pinemeadow Golf ZR 3.0 Driver

The ZR3.0 driver features a lower center of gravity, which increase launch angle to create larger carry distances. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leave yourself with shorter approach shots. You’ll notice an alignment feature on the top (crown) of the club. This is designed to help with staying true to your target angle at address. Plus, it just looks cool!
Check out the matching ZR 3.0 Driver Fairway Wood.
Price starts from $99.95 and includes Custom Fitting, as well as full Money back Guarantee and a full year of Warranty.

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Golf Clubs: Realtree Xtra Driver

Realtree Xtra® Driver

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Realtree, introducing an exclusive collection of products, featuring your favorite Realtree pattern. This driver lets you take the your favorite brand to the links. The titanium driver is available in a 10° loft suited best for most players. The oversize 460cc head gives you an ultra-forgiving club face that helps on miss-hits. Not only does this driver look good it plays well and will give you confidence in every shot. Custom build the club that best fits you and get out and play!

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Golf Clubs: Pinemeadow Golf Command W7G Driver

Command W7G Driver

The Command W7G driver has a new look. Pairing a white finish with an oversize 460cc head gives players a big sweet spot along with a sharp look. The driver features aerodynamic speed slots in the sole of the club to increase head speed which will improve distance. Price starts from $99.95 and includes Custom Fitting, as well as full Money back Guarantee, and a full year of Warranty.

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Golf Clubs: Pinemeadow Excel Monterossa Driver

Pinemeadow Excel Monterossa Driver

Like all clubs in the Pinemeadow Excel Monterossa family this driver follows suit in providing an ultra-forgiving playable club that fits players of all skill levels. At 460cc you have a large hitting surface creating a higher MOI and massive sweet spot. This will generate more ball speed generating increased distance and control. You can also expect to see less spin off the clubface, which will help a slice or fade. If you are struggling with your game off the tee, give this driver a shot and see if it works for you.

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Titanium heads are usually 1/3 larger than most wooden or metal or woods. Also, because titanium is lighter, manufacturers can make the shafts longer as well. In fact many titanium drivers are 2-3 inches longer than most other metal drivers. The result is simple. A bigger clubhead doesn’t twist as much on off-center hits and a longer shaft translates into a bigger swing arc – both of these are key ingredients to added length off the tee. Get some more info on club heads HERE.

Today’s Golf Driver Is Much Better

Years ago, golfers played with persimmon and laminated woods. In truth, when these clubs were struck properly, nothing felt better. However, there are only so many Tiger Woods out there and these clubs were anything but forgiving on mis-hits. When you hit today’s oversized titanium driver off the heel or toe, you still come away with a salvageable shot. Since most golfers miss more often than they hit the ball perfectly, the larger titanium heads have big advantages. They make the ball go a greater distance on off-center hits. So with titanium, it’s not that the material itself makes the ball go farther, it’s that the bigger head makes your misses go farther. When your grandfather mis-hit his persimmon club, he could lose 50 yards of distance. In that sense, titanium and oversized-head technology has made the average player better. It has also allowed senior players to keep up with the youngsters off the tee. Titanium and other metal drivers are also more durable than wooden woods.

The High Cost of Titanium

Titanium is the fourth most available element in the world. It’s found in beach sand throughout the world, especially in Australia and China. Despite this abundance, Ti drivers are more expensive than steel models. That’s because it’s very difficult to manufacture a titanium head. Mining titanium from beach sand is not an easy process. As a result, the raw material cost is higher than steel. Secondly, titanium must be cast in a vacuum, a chamber without air. Even if done properly, this is expensive, because many clubheads don’t come out perfect and must be destroyed. The shaft is also a factor. Most titanium woods are made using very lightweight graphite shafts. The lighter the shaft, the harder they are to make and the more expensive they become. Of course, some of titanium’s high price is the result of marketing and advertising costs.

Titanium Might Suit You

Initially, these drivers were developed to help the average player or short hitter get added distance off the tee. For this type of player, titanium is ideal. However, even professionals have benefited from titanium. Today’s tour players who would have had below-average length 15 years ago are now keeping up with their playing partners.

Pick the Right Loft for You

Golf Clubs: General Info on Golf Drivers
When you’re spending hard-earned money on a product, make sure that it perfectly fits your game. Don’t automatically purchase a driver with the stiffest shaft or lowest loft. Make sure you understand your game. Remember, the greater the loft, the easier it will be to control (get some basic info about this topic HERE). A higher lofted club gives you more carry but less roll, and vice versa. It’s important to note that a titanium driver hits the ball higher than you might expect. This is due to the center of gravity being farther back in the clubhead and the shaft being longer. Many times a 9-degree titanium driver will produce the same ball flight as a 10.5-degree stainless metal wood. Because titanium clubs are longer, it’s important to choose a club that gives you the best combination of accuracy and distance. Distance is useless without accuracy. Remember, the longer the shaft, the more difficult any club is to control. One other thing, many of the drivers we selected have a deeper face to promote added role and a more controllable, boring trajectory – all important to added length off the tee. However, if you already hit a low ball, take this into account. For example, select a deep-face driver with a higher loft.

Choose the Right Shaft

The most important component of any golf club is the shaft. In a nutshell, steel gives you more accuracy than graphite. Graphite shafts give you more distance. That’s because steel flexes less than graphite at impact. The only time this isn’t true is when manufacturers add material into the graphite (boron, etc.) to make it flex less or perform more like steel. Graphite is ideal for woman and senior players for many reasons. It’s lighter, absorbs the shock of impact better, and generally has a lower flex point to help you get the ball airborne. Because it’s lighter, it’s also better for those players experiencing back problems. A titanium head combined with a steel shaft is for the golfer who has plenty of strength but wants more forgiveness on mis-hits. More details on shafts can be found HERE (you need to scroll down a bit).

One Final Note: It’s More the Golfer Than the Club

Your titanium golf driver will help you hit the ball farther – especially on off-center hits. However, it is not a cure-all. It is important to always dedicate sufficient time to practicing your swing and fundamentals.
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How to Get the Most out of Your Titanium Driver

Get off the Tee

Chances are, your new titanium driver will be longer than your old driver. Therefore, it is important to focus on swing tempo and balance until you feel comfortable with your timing.

Widen Your Swing Arc

To achieve this, extend your arms as much as possible on the backswing. If you can keep your arc wide, you’ll be able to create good clubhead speed without swinging any harder.

Lighten Your Grip Pressure

You don’t have to swing hard to hit the ball a long way. In fact, this is often counterproductive and causes muscle tension, ultimately leading to less clubhead speed. After relaxing your upper body, the next key to attaining additional power is proper grip pressure. You’ll quickly discover that the less tension you have in your body and grip pressure, the more your clubhead speed increases.

Make a Big Shoulder Turn

A big hip turn can actually diminish your ability to create power and clubhead speed, because you create less torque. Keep the lower body (the foundation) steady while the shoulder gets behind the ball, and you’ll be in good shape.

Tuck Your Elbow

The best way to feel the proper position is to keep the right elbow tucked against your side on the downswing. By doing this, you’ll avoid the common error of swinging across the ball, which diminishes power.

Keep Your Knees Firm and Flexed

Think of your legs as the foundation of your swing. If your foundation is shaky and moving around too much, you’ll have a power leak and less ability to coil properly.

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