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Bunker Tips

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Hitting Sideways Out of the Bunker

Hitting Sideways Out of the Bunker

Greenside Bunker

Greenside Bunker

Bunker Tip

Bunker Tip

Fairway Bunker

Fairway Bunker Tip


Getting out of the Bunker



Get your golf clubs fitted NOTE: If you have trouble hitting your clubs correctly there is a good chance that your clubs don't suit you properly.

The reason for not improving your game may well be is due to badly fitted clubs. Think about it: people come in all different shapes and sizes, but most golfers simply buy their clubs off the rack in the golf shop.

Unless you are completely 'standard' and 'average' you should consider custom fitting for your next clubs. This can be done online, and it is free, quick and easy (and doesn't hurt a bit). Visit this great website for free online club fitting, just follow the instructions given there: 'Club Fitting Wizard' at Pinemeadow Golf.



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Great instructions on the bunker shot. My bunker play is awful at best I will try these tips to help my game.
Jason (jasonjarrell@XXXXXX - email on file )


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