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Golf Tips to improve your Game

We have organized our proven golf tips and recommended drills into problem areas that need to be addressed, especially for beginners. Just click any of the links below and you will get a collection of useful, easy to follow Golf Tips that will help you improve different parts of your Golf Game.

In case you are looking for something more in-depth than our Golf Lessons may help.

Once you're done here take a look at our new Video Golf Lessons.

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Golf Tips to Improve your Golf Swing

Golf Tips to Improve your Golf Swing

Tips to Cure your Slicing, Shanking etc.

Tips to Cure your Slicing, Shanking etc.

Golf Tips to Improve your Stance and Position

Putting Tips

Putting Drills to eliminate those 3-Putts

Golf Tips to Improve Your Distance

Instructions to Improve your Distance

Tips to Improve your Grip

Tips to Improve your Golf Grip

Golf Tips for Bunker Shots

Golf Drills to improve your Bunker Shots

Chipping Tips - Improve your Chipping

Recommendations to Improve your Short Game, including Pitching and Chipping


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