Golf Club Review: Pinemeadow Golf ZR1 Irons vs. the Ping G10 Irons

Golf Club Review

Pinemeadow Golf ZR1 Irons (in comparison to the Ping® G10 Irons)

by Frank J. Peter

The popular golf manufacturer and internet retailer Pinemeadow Golf just released their new ZR1 Irons. They are built after the recently launched and very popular Ping G10 irons. Like the G10s they are stainless steel irons, something that made the original Ping G series popular and, in our eyes, superior to the Rapture series irons. The 2008 Pinemeadow ZR1 Irons supersede last year's model, which was built after the Ping G5 Irons, and they have some considerable improvements to its overall weighting. In this short review we will look at some of the new design advantages.

Pinemeadow Golf ZR1 Irons vs. the Ping G10 Irons What we think
These Pinemeadow ZR1 Irons are true game improvement irons, clearly designed with maximum forgiveness in mind. The increased perimeter weighting and the slight shift of the center of gravity towards the lower toe of the club head results in a bigger sweet spot, giving more consistent ball contact. This is also aided by a slight offset of between 2 to 3 millimeters. Compared to last years model we felt that these irons launch higher due to the substantial changes in cavity and weight distribution. Another reason for this is that these irons feature a wide sole that enables forgiving ground impact and contributes to the higher ball flight trajectory. The ball not only launches quite high but also stays airborne for a longer period of time, with a markedly reduced amount of roll. The feel is soft, making these irons very workable for the better golfer.

The Pinemeadow Golf ZR1 Irons are a good choice for players of all abilities. High handicappers and players with slower swing speeds should consider getting these irons with the optional low-torque Pinemeadow Graphite Shaft, otherwise the standard Apollo steel shaft is fine.

The gap in loft between the Pitching Wedge (PW, 46 degrees) and the Sand Wedge (SW, 54 degrees) is quite wide, so you should consider getting the Utility Wedge (UW, 50 degrees) as well.

The Pinemeadow ZR1 Irons cost only $149 for the set of 3-PW, inclusive of custom fitting. If you add the Utility/Gap Wedge for an extra $18.95 you also get free shipping for the whole set within the continental US (shipping is free from $150 purchase and up). This is great value for money, especially if you compare it to the price of the Ping G10 at $700.

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