Golf Club Review

GX Squared Ti Driver

by Frank J. Peter

Well, looks like it's going to be hip to be 'square' after all. The GX Squared Ti Driver is one of the most successful (and best selling!) 'new generation' clubs, modelled after Callaway's FT-i. This new genre of non-traditional looking clubs seems to get a fast growing following, especially amongst mid to high handicappers. And it is exactly this group of golfers that will benefit most from the odd shape.
GX Squared Ti Driver Here's why square is good
The main benefit of the square shape is the substantial increase of its moment of inertia (MOI). In laymans terms, MOI refers to the resistance to twisting of the clubhead when struck. Let's say that you hit the ball with the toe of your driver. A low MOI clubhead will twist on impact and send the ball way off to the right (for RH players). In contrast, a high MOI clubhead will twist a much less and you should be getting a lot closer to your intended target line. In other words, the higher the MOI is the more forgiving the club will be on misshits. The square shape design increases both horizontal and vertical stability which in turn results in a very high MOI, thus assuring a long and accurate shot.
Having said this it is no surprise that this club is not (yet) popular with tour players. It may never be as they are able to hit the center of the club face most of the time, so they don't need to worry so much about miss hits. As far as we know K. J. Choi was the first tour pro to use a squared driver, he used the Nike model to win the Chrysler Championship in Tampa, Fla. earlier this year.
Let's go and play...
When I hit the GX Squared Ti Driver for the first time the sound almost knocked me off my feet. This driver makes an incredible sound - almost like a small explosion - and attracts some looks just for that, particularly on the driving range.
The next thing I noticed was that the balls stayed significantly longer airborne, thus resulting in longer drives. During testing I had my fair share of miss-hits as well, and it became very obvious that this driver is more forgiving than anything I have hit before. The other testers had the same impression, and we agreed that this new shape of drivers will stay as 'the next big thing' in golf equipment history. The square drivers will definitely change the way beginners and average players will play the game.
If you are a player who has problems to consistently hit the center of the club face, resulting in spraying tee-shots left and right, you owe it to yourself to give these square clubs a try. They will change the way you play golf, and you will hit the fairway more often. You can spend some $400 on the Callaway's FT-i or get the GX Squared Ti Driver for less than $100, both are of similar quality.
Our verdict
The club with its square head looks most impressive at address, a real confidence booster. The GX Squared Ti Driver) this is great value for money.


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